___ Grand Haven's Best Floral Arrangements ___


"I am sitting here looking at Morgan's bouquet from Saturday. It is absolutely the most beautiful bouquet I have ever seen! It is stunning! I love everything you used in it. So much dimension and interest...so much detail in the variety of flowers! You nailed it and we get to see it for many years to come in her pictures! I have to say...it also smells heavenly! The roses!"


- Bonni N.

"Every year my daughter from New Jersey, for my birthday, orders flowers from GHGH. She is very specific about her order.  There must be more money in the flowers than in the vase, there must be some exotic blooms in the mix, and no baby's breath.  The flowers must be fresh and if they are not fresh, she is willing to wait a day.

"And EVERY year you surpass her expectations. I take photos of the bouquets because they are memorable. And I send a photo to Debbi, who has been impressed each time.

"Interesting also is that your staff has never repeated a bouquet. Their talents must nearly be endless!  Perhaps you remember the old Teleflora commercial that urged customers to "say it with flowers."  From my point of view, it looks like your staff has a conversation with the flowers wherein the flowers speak to them.  Some people have a gift where the flowers and the designs resonate within them and the bouquet seems to just flow out of them.  You must have several on your staff with that gift.

"Please thank ALL of them-no one can do this alone. And of course, a hearty thank you to you. I can't wait until spring when I will make several trips to GHGH"

- Florence M.

"I ordered a planter from your for a funeral.  I just wanted to say how happy we were with the arrangement.  I was somewhat vague as to what I wanted and you came through over and above my expectations.  Thank you so much!"

- Kevin K.


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