Trees, Shrubs and Perennials:
All trees, shrubs and perennials will be planted in the following manner: A hole will be excavated approximately 50% larger than the size of the container or root ball. This hole will then be back filled with a high quality compost. The top of the root ball will be level with the existing grade. These plants will also be watered properly at this time, in order to adequately moisten the root ball and remove any air pockets that may be present.


Groundcovers beds will be prepared with a high quality compost. The groundcover will then be planted at specified distances depending upon size and variety of groundcover selected. The area will then be watered.


Mulching (Includes shredded bark and wood chips):
If shredded bark or wood chips are being used in the beds of new landscaping areas, a layer of 3-4 inches will be spread throughout. For bed areas that have bark or chips existing, we will top dress the area with approximately 2 inches. If needed, the edge along the lawn, sidewalks and driveways will be dug down so the mulch will not spill out. No landscape fabric/weed barrier will be used unless requested by the homeowner. Trees and shrubs that are planted along in the middle of a lawn area will have a 2-3 feet ring of bark around them.

If stone is being used to cover the beds, a layer of 2 - 3 inches will be spread. Landscape fabric/weed barrier will be used, unless the homeowner requests it not to be used. Once the stone is in place it will be rinsed to remove the quarry dust.

Lawn Installation (Includes hydro-seed and sod):
For both new installation and renovation, the existing soil will be examined to determine its ability to grow a lush, healthy stand of grass. Most new lawn installations will require 3 - 4 inches of topsoil. Renovations may require less topsoil. Sod will be laid in the proper direction for the sight This area will also be watered at this time. Hydro-seed is applied with a hose attached to a large tank trailer which may be driven over parts of your yard. The hydro-seed consists of water, seed, fertilizer, wetting agent, tackifier (for sloped areas) and green paper mulch.

We use two styles of edging on a regular basis. One type is black vinyl that is 5 inches deep and a inch bead at the top at 20 feet lengths. The second type is aluminum that is 4 inches deep with a thickness of 1/8 inch. The edging will be installed in a hand dug channel, back filled and staked. It will be straight and the top bead will be level with the existing grade.

The Grand Haven Garden House takes pride in our ability to complete any size job in a timely and professional manner. Our landscaping crew is made up of 10-15 workers and is assisted by our clean and well maintained equipment which includes *dump trucks, *pick-up trucks, *Bobcat tractors, *vans, *hydro-seeder and a large inventory of hand and power tools to complete your job.

Every year Grand Haven Garden House, Inc completes between 175-225 landscaping projects in the West Michigan area, and we have worked on more than 2,000 landscapes during the past three decades. We have probably worked at your neighbor's house.


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