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Friday, April 29 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Food, refreshments,discounts on our entire inventory

of plants and garden accessories and steel drum entertainment!

Invite your friends as we kick off the 2016 Gardening Season!

April 28, 2016

Hello Garden Lovers!

The following tips will help you in deciding what to plant and where in your yard and garden. 


Common mistakes when planting near the foundation of your home:

  • Planting too close together - make sure you know what the final size of your choice will be.
  • Choosing the right plant for the light conditions of your area - successful planting will make this more fun and knowing which plants go where, will help you be successful.
  • Picking plants that bloom at different times throughout the season - most flowering shrubs bloom at certain times of year and with careful planning you can have color and interest all season long.


Follow proper planting techniques to become a successful gardener:

  • Dig fifty dollar holes for twenty dollar plants
  • Add proper amendments
  • Fertilize and water

These tips will give you better success in having a Springtastic planting season.


Perennials are hardy plants that die back in the fall and come up again in the spring.  Each of the thousands of types will bloom at certain times of year and then continue to grow leaves and stems the rest of the season.

Here is the summary on how you can become more successful:

  • Determine the right spot for the right plant, sun and shade requirements are important.
  • Pick a large variety of plants will ensure you will have color all season.
  • Know the soil conditions needed of the plants you choose.  Soil can be amended to the right consistency to make your plants thrive.
  • Learn the methods of fertilizer and deadheading.  This is very important for healthy and beautiful plants.

Happy planting!!


Dale Kwekel, President

We have fresh floral arrangements all year long!!


   Welcome to the Grand Haven Garden House, locally owned and operated by Dale and Kathy Kwekel since 1983 on Beacon Boulevard in Grand Haven. We offer the area's finest fresh flowers and floral arrangements; live plants, flowers and ground coverings in our Garden Center, and residential and commercial landscaping service.

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