This is the page title, which is a Heading 1 (h1) tag.

The Heading 1 tag, known as H1, tells the search engines (ie Google) what this page is about.  Think of it as a title to a chapter of a book. 

That being said, you should only have one H1 tag on a page.  If you add more than one, it starts to confuse the search engines because you're now telling them this page is about more than one thing.  How does it prioritize and tell it's users what this page is really about?  If you do this, you risk the search engines not indexing the page.

Determining your H1 tag is accessible by selecting from the formatting drop down menu in the text editor of the admin - see the image below (Image 1).

Why do I have a title on my page that I can't change? Our newer designs include the H1 tag in the Page appearance for you. Check out Image 3 and Image 4 to see how to change it. For even more information, check out this link

This page is not only educating you on H1 tags and page formatting, but it's also a template page for content.  Soon you'll actually be able to duplicate this page, change the copy, and use it in your site however you see need it.

Getting a horizontal line on your page shown below (Heading 2 tag)

To add horizontal rule to your page, simply select the "Horizontal Rule" button highlighted in Image 2.

Images that may help you out (Header 3 tag)

Are you interesting in knowing how this page was created?

Just click here to see a video on the making of this page.

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