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This page is created using the Basic Layout under Custom Content.  All the paragraph copy will automatically be formatted to match the rest of your site.  However, you do have the ability to customize your look of the text on your page.  We DO caution against this.  As great as you might think HUGE BRIGHT RED text looks on your site, it might not appeal to your visitor.  So be cautious when changing fonts.

To change the appearance of your text, first select the button in the top right corner of your editor titled "Are you a PRO? Switch to the advanced editor for more editing options!"

There are a range of colors and sizes you can do.

Large Red Text
Medium Gray Text
Small Green Text

Text that is underlined


Again, we highly recommend you use the standard fonts and font colors as much as possible.

A note on the editor when using fonts
When you make changes to fonts in the editor view and click save, it's likely that the changes won't show up the way you expect them to on the public site. The editor has a bug, but there is a way around it.
  1. Make your changes in WYSIWYG view. That's the standard view that allows you to edit fonts and bold
  2. Click on the < > icon at the bottom of the editor. This will take you to HTML view
  3. Now click save.

When the editor is in HTML view, it creates the font code correctly and it will now show up on your site.

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