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Mindscape's HUGE Announcement

It’s been a couple incredible days here at Mindscape! Yesterday we officially launched our new You Tube Channel which we’ve named the Mindscape Minute.

This channel will contain short one minute videos which will teach you tried and true Internet marketing tactics and techniques. We’ll also share some of our strategies we’ve created for companies and helped them explode their online revenue. We’ll also give our view on a variety of topics.

WE understand you have a very busy schedule and far too long of a todo list. We do as well! We are going to do our best to keep these video segments down to a minute or less. There may be a few topics which this isn’t possible, but we promise to keep in mind you are giving us your valuable time and we’ll make sure it is worth it.

If you’re a fan of Mindscape on Facebook, or following us on Twitter, or heck … if you spend anytime on Facebook at all you’ve probably heard the news already.

If you aren’t …

You can become a Mindscape Facebook Fan by clicking here. If you happen to be a Twitter user you can click here to follow Mindscape on Twitter.

Anyhow, here is the video announcement we released today shortly after 3:00pm. Thank you very much for your time and we look forward to seeing you out there in the social media space if we aren’t friends already.
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How To Use Twitter For Your Business? PART ONE

Heck, until recently I didn’t really understand the true power of Twitter so I figure this would be a good place to clear it all up.

For the purpose of this blog post let’s take a quick look at the Internet landscape and compare it to something we can all relate to … The city you live in right now.

Think about the parts of town where you go to find things to buy, whether it be a mall, a strip mall, or even the market where companies and individuals are all set up to sell their goods.

Is this really any different than the online stores which exist all over the Internet? I don’t think so.

How about the plethora of newspapers you have to choose from. The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, National Enquirer or even your local newspaper.

There are a minimum of 100 online news sites to every single newspaper that exists offline … and in most cases you can access this news for free without trudging across your front lawn to retrieve your paper from the bushes. :)

What if you are looking to visit the “wrong side of the tracks” in your city…

Well you can find that online as well with the porn sites and other undesirable stuff online.

I’m sure you can see the parallels with all these on and offline comparisons, and you are probably still wondering, “Where does Twitter fit in?”

People who sign up for Twitter typically use their 140 character allotment to tell the world what they are doing and in some cases use a link that points to more detailed information. As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, “Confessions of a REFORMED Twitter Spammer” I began using Twitter the wrong way simply because I didn’t understand it.

Since those dark times I woke up when I heard an excellent offline comparison. In that comparison I heard Twitter compared to a cocktail party.

Think back to that familiar time when you arrived at a networking cocktail party and watched that annoying salesperson bounce around from person to person filling everyone in on what they do and what type of business they are looking for, and after cramming their business card in each person’s hand, they leave and go on to the next person.

Most of the time this entire conversation lasts less than 15 seconds and they don’t even take the time to ask the person what they do, or even their name.

Would you ever contact this person? I didn’t think so!

I was that person in the early days with my Twitter use.

I thought it was a tool for me to repeat the information I wanted to spread over and over so my prospective target would be sure to get the message.

Since I didn’t GET IT, I didn’t realize I was annoying people and giving them every reason to ignore me.

Heck, who wants to be pestered over and over with the same message?

I believe the best way to use Twitter is to provide valuable information for the people you would like to reach. Make sure when someone arrives at your Twitter profile page, they find relevant, useful information with links to more complete information.

You should give Twitter the same time and attention you do the content of your website … unless you don’t pay much attention to that either. :)

There are many other ways you can use Twitter for your business beside providing “content based” information. Stay tuned this week for more real life examples of how to use Twitter for Your business.

Pete Brand
Mindscape at Hanon McKendry
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ENGAGE with Social Media or Risk HURTING Your Brand

I received an email from a client this morning through Facebook. It was the second one I received in as many days and I thought, “OK, they’re doing great! They’re active!”

So I followed the link and read the email. It was an announcement notifying me of an event. I thought, “Ok. What else are they saying?”

I looked at all of their recent status updates. Each of them were announcing new events and promotions. Then I read some of the comments that were being made to their announcements. There were 16 people socializing with our client. Of those, 6 were disappointed and complaining about the news. Which is actually OK for a few reasons:

  1. We all know it’s impossible to please everyone.
  2. Statistically, people who are upset are more likely to make it known than people who are happy.
  3. It gives their “friends” an opportunity to stand up for them, creating social capital.

But here’s the first problem. Between the comments of saying this is the best and others saying this is the worst (funny how that happens), there is not a single response from our client. Although their friends are standing up for them, they are saying nothing.

By saying nothing, what are they really saying?

They don’t care.

Here’s the second problem. They’re using social media as an advertising channel for their business, which is a big mistake. Thinking like this will actually hurt more than it will ever help.

Social media is a way for this client to connect and have conversations (be social) with their target market, their friends. Today, they’re using it to make announcements on what they’re offering everyone (advertising) and nothing else.

I suggested they ask people questions, they providing surveys, and they run contests. They must be a FRIEND. You want to create a relationship, not ruin one. So for example, before an event, they should be asking their friends who they think will win. Anyone that comments will also receive all other comments, plus it will post to their wall. This is then seen by their friends and draws more interest. The events are not going to promote themselves.

Remember, you no longer control your brand. Your brand is what people say it is. And it’s being said in the social marketing arena. But although you can’t control it, you can surely help steer it.

Engage, engage, engage. Don’t talk TO your friends, talk WITH them.

Hope this helps!
Paul Ferrier
Mindscape at Hanon McKendry
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